air hostess Interview questions and answers

Top 10 air hostess Interview Questions and Answers

Airhostess is a profession that makes sure each and every passenger are safe and comfortable during their flight. If you have a dedication to being an air hostess, then you must have problem-solving skills. You have to have the ability to solve different problems of passengers during a flight. They must know how to give medical support during emergencies. Apart from that, you need to have strong communication skills. They have to communicate with each and every passenger to guide them during their journey, ensure their safety and guide them during the journey from the airplane and listen to their problems to solve them. As an Airhostess, you need to have strong communication skills in English and at least 1 native language. While hiring, most of the company conduct personality tests where the student has to give a communication skills test and the company will see their personality and proficiency in air hostess-Ing. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 air hostess Interview questions and answers


  1. What do you know about our company?

This is one of the common questions you can face while giving interviews in the airline industry. The interviewer wants to know about your knowledge. Experts want to know if you did your homework about the airline you’re applying to. So make sure you do enough research into the airline and familiarise yourself with the significant rules and details about the airline.


  1. Tell us about your strength and weakness


There are some specific personality traits the airline company looks for, including being an excellent communicator, eager to help others, a fast learner requiring little supervision, and outgoing. In that case, teamwork and communication skills should be the strength. For the weakness, you do not have to hide your weakness. Confess them. Your honesty can forward you towards your success.


  1. Why do you want to work in our airline?


This is another one of the most discussed air hostess Interview Questions and Answers. While answering their questions, you need to make sure you tell them the employee benefits they offers. You need to make sure you leave that part out when responding to this question. Besides that, talk about the opportunities for growth that working with the airline they offer to the employees. You can also mention something you heard about them in the news.


  1. How do you handle negative feedback?


For this question, try not to blame the passengers for creating inconvenient situations. As an air hostess, you need to be polite and possess problem-solving skills. Mention them. You will handle them in a non judgemental way. Apart from that, if someone is facing a problem during a flight, you will guide them as quickly as possible. Explain what the root cause of their problem was, and how you finally resolved it.



  1. Tell us about the time when you have learned from your mistake –


Top airline companies check if you have made any mistakes before, or while making mistakes you have learned something from them or not. They check your evaluation ability during the interview. Based on that, they hire candidates accordingly. This is one of the important air hostess Interview Questions and Answers you can expect while giving interviewsYou have to Answer this question with honesty and vulnerability. This is not a mistake Admit to your mistakes using a positive tone and share how you learned from this challenge. During the interview session, talk about how you took accountability for the oversight by informing your manager about it.


  1. If there was an airplane emergency, how you will solve them?


In this question, Based on your answers, the interviewer will determine how you react to a challenging situation and apply your communication and leadership skills. In this case, you have to speak with the pilot to determine what they think the best course of action is to do to keep the passengers safe but informed. Do not forget to mention speaking to others calmly but with a sense of urgency if the situation requires urgent action.


  1. Why should we hire you?


Do not get nervous while answering this question. Tell them why you want to be an Airhostess and give them ideas about your strength, and the positive part of your character. Discuss your problem-solving and leadership skills. Apart from that, you can also share an accomplishment you are proud of, and if you can quantify the results, it is helpful to include that information to add validity to your claim.


  1. How will you take the criticism?


This question shows your personality. You can say that you are a very positive-minded person. For this case, you need to understand that this position is sensitive and any criticism directed your way will be constructive. You will learn from the criticism and later you will perform well.


  1. If there comes any emergency, how quickly will you be able to handle them?


Airline companies will see your problem-solving skills. In case of emergency, you can answer that you will take guidance from your team leader or your senior and then act accordingly. This is because, in an emergency situation, you may fall short of memory which would help you know what to do and what not. This will help you solve the problem quickly and then lend your hand to the supervisors also. This is one of the most discussed air hostess Interview Questions and Answers.



  1. Why do you wish to work as an air hostess?

For this question, you can answer that you love this industry. You have been working in this air hostess career since your experience years. Apart from that, you love to serve people and see them happy because of the good, direct, and indirect services you provide. So the happiness and comfort of the passenger’s faces keep you intact and motivated to work in this field without any issues or problems.

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