5 Highest Paying Airlines for Cabin Crew

When you are going to pursue your career as a cabin crew, certain things comes in your mind. For example, which is the best airline you can kickstart your career with. Before joining any airline company, make sure the salaries meet your expectation. When you are starting to look at the airlines you are going to apply for, it can be overwhelming when you see just how many multinational airlines there are to choose from. Every airlines has their different uniforms, trainings and requirements. The main reason is that the aviation industry offers opportunities to the employee and gives professional growth in a variety of roles. Even aviation companies give travel allowance to each and every employee and make them an essential part of flight safety. You have to research constantly before deciding on where you want to work as a member of Cabin Crew. In  this blog we are going to share some highest paying Airlines for cabin crew members.

Is cabin crew is a good career option ?

A cabin crew is known as a flight attendant, air hostess, flight steward, and stewardess who are providing service to the airline passenger when a flight on the air. Choosing your career as a cabin crew is an excellent choice. A cabin crew is responsible to provide safety and full comfort to the airline passenger on board. Besides, The main responsibility of a cabin crew or flight attendant is to maintain flight safety and serve the airline passenger during the flight. They generally greet passengers on board and help them to find their seats. They have to tell every passenger how to use the equipment properly. During the flight, they provide food to every passenger. They make sure that passengers leave the plane safely at arrival. After that, they Complete flight reports after completing the flight journey.

5 highest paying Airlines where you can start your career as a cabin crew –

Emirates airline –

Emirates airline which is a Dubai based company, is considered to be the highest paid airline to work for a variety of reasons. This company should be top of your list. Graduating from well knows institute and fluency in English can lead you to work in this job. This airline offers wonderful benefits to their every employee. The Cabin Crew for Emirates enjoy layover expenses paid by the airline, 30 calendar days of leave per year and top notch accommodations provided by the airline around Dubai. High level of responsibility requires professionalism and high-level skills; both characteristics are highly demanding requirements by airlines. The salaries for these airline employees are exceptional if one meets the least threshold to qualify. To get a job in this airline, candidate should have minimum height of 5’5’’ for female and 5’8’’ for male. Candidate should be medically and physically fit.

Quatar airways –

Another highest paid company after emirates airline is quatar airways. This is one of the largest airline in the middle east. In 1997, this company first launched and has earned many awards.

 Apart from that, it accolades while becoming one of the elite group of airlines worldwide to enjoy a 5-star rating by Skytrax.  The quatar airline offers awesome in-flight experience from the front of the plane all the way to the back. Working in the international company provides you great professional growth, confidence and get various job aspects all around the world. This is one of the highest paying Airlines for cabin crew members. So if you are thinking of starting your cabin crew career in the quatar airline, then go for it!


British airways-

The british airways is another multinational airline company , which you should keep this on your bucketlist. This airline has been a trust worthy and stable airline for a long time. Working in this airline will be a matter of pride. British airline is a great airline to work for various reasons. Even this aviation company gives travel allowance to each and every employee and makes them an essential part of flight safety. Working as a cabin crew in this company will provide you paid  training, a substantial financial package and monthly bonus.  With one of the highest paying salaries for Cabin Crew, this airline also offers wonderful benefits. 

Air india-

The Air india is india’s biggest and highest paid company. They provide both domestic and international flights. This airline flies to 54 destinations domestically and 40 abroad with 125 modern aircraft. The On-Time Performance of Air India, which means flights departing and arriving on time, is quite impressive, as the airline is an FSC. This airline will give you strong identity and excellent career growth and exposure to the world. It will help you  grow and have your own wings of confidence, knowledge ,skills and will give you the courage to take on the world. The average salary starts from 20,000 and it gets increased according to your experiences.

Etihad airways –

Last but not the least, the etihad airways should be you top of your list. The salary range starts from 25 thousand dollar per annum. It offers a great workplace and career for someone who has a passion to be a part of Cabin Crew. Working in this airline will be a matter of pride. There are many benefits that employees will enjoy while working for the airline. Working in the international company provides you great professional growth, confidence and get various job aspects all around the world.




we have discussed some of the top highest paying airlines companies which you can choose to start your career as a cabin crew. But before taking any steps, You need to research a lot of things and keep in mind even the minor details. After all, this is where you going to build your career.

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