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7 most frequent interview questions for Airhostess

If you’re serious about becoming a flight attendant (sometimes referred to as a steward, stewardess, or cabin crew), you should be ready for the most common interview questions. The most frequently requested cabin crew interview questions for Airhostess and responses are covered in this free guide.


What do you consider to be your strongest traits?


This question for airhostess is essentially a litmus test for whether you have the fundamental skills needed to be a competent flight attendant. Spend some time considering your strongest qualities and how they might be advantageous as a flight attendant. To get you started, consider these instances:


  • An excellent understanding of leadership and the capacity to listen to others;


  • a spirit of competition combined with group collaboration skills;


  • An approachable manner that is also capable of confidence;


  • An outgoing character who enjoys helping others;


  • A propensity for analytical thought and close attention to detail;


  • A strong ability to communicate.


Make sure to be as succinct as you can in whatever you choose to express. Additionally, keep in mind that honesty is required because it’s undesirable to lie about your qualifications during an interview.


What qualifications are necessary for a member of the cabin crew of an airline?


In that it checks your knowledge of what is required of you as a flight attendant, this Interview question is quite similar to the one before it. The following qualities, in addition to those mentioned above, may be mentioned in your response to this question if you take the time to prepare one in advance:


  • Solid communication, listening, and understanding abilities with others;


  • Friendly and approachable demeanour;


  • Well-versed and equipped to think quickly;


  • Multitasking ability;


  • A serene disposition and demeanour.


What measures would you take if a passenger became disruptive? An example of a time you dealt with a difficult customer might be helpful.


Although there are two possible forms for this query, each asks the same questions. You must visualise the situation if it is the former. If the latter is the case and you have previously dealt with a difficult customer, you must recall your actions.

Remember that there is a proper response to this question, regardless of your situation. Pay attention to the way you handled the problem. See if any of the following, in particular, apply.

  • You didn’t hold the customer in high regard;


  • You gave the circumstance significant thought to identify the issue;


  • You showed your desire to assist them as much as possible;


  • You made an effort to consider the viewpoint of the customer.

These are all qualities that interviewers are searching for, as well as actions you should have taken in this circumstance. As a result, be sure to show that you can inquire appropriately.


Do you do better on your own or in a group?

You must be able to function both alone and as a member of a team if you want to work on the cabin crew. You must somehow show that you can do this by responding in a certain way. One approach to do this is to state that while you appreciate working in a group, you wouldn’t mind being assigned a single task to finish by yourself. When each team member has a task to finish, they all assist one another. No matter how you respond, be sure to emphasise the significance of the opposing viewpoint.


Why did you decide to apply to be a flight attendant?

Because it reveals your intentions, this is one of the most significant cabins crew interview questions and answers. Employers want to know that you’re entering the field for the correct reasons and that you’ll be a good match for the position. They won’t hire you, for instance, if you claim that you want to be able to direct passengers while flying. Here, you need to use caution. Take a look at a few of the following instances:

You enjoy travelling and want to explore as much of the globe as you can; Someone or something has motivated you to accomplish it;


  • You like to assist others.

Once more, be sure, to be honest when describing your motivation for applying.


How would you handle a coworker with whom you didn’t get along? Think back to a moment when you were forced to work with a coworker you didn’t get along with.


Focusing on being professional is the straightforward answer to this topic. Since we are all human, it’s normal to enjoy some coworkers and despise others, but this shouldn’t interfere with your ability to do your job. Being a flight attendant requires having a level head and the ability to prioritise professionalism because you may be cooped up in a tight area with your coworkers for extended periods.


What pastimes do you enjoy?


There is a legitimate reason for asking this question even though it seems inappropriate to do so. Your interests could reveal traits about your personality that could be considered core strengths. For instance, taking part in team sports demonstrates leadership skills or a desire to collaborate with others. An appreciation of the arts and design may show a keen eye for detail. Consider carefully how your interests relate to the vital characteristics needed for members of the cabin staff. Even though it sounds unique in comparison to the other cabin crew interview questions and answers, it’s crucial to treat this question seriously and on a level with the others.


Conclusion to the Abin Crew Interview Questions and Answers


Now that you are aware of the Interview questions that will likely be asked during a cabin crew interview, prepare accordingly. The last piece of advice is to try to keep in mind the main abilities and characteristics that potential employers are looking for. For best results, relate your responses to these.

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