how to be an air hostess in 2023

how to be an air hostess in 2023

There is no denying that working as an air hostess or cabin crew is a dream of many. It should be noted that air hostess or cabin crew job is all about devotion and a hard-working job. They are responsible for overlooking the safety of the passengers on every flight and ensuring their comfort. While thinking how to be an air hostess in 2023, let us guide you-

Air hostesses or cabin crew is a significant part of the airline business. They represent the company all over the world. They are deployed by every airline company out there so the excellent service could be provided to their passengers. Most of cabin crew career is dominated by female but recently, male candidates can become cabin crew as well. this profession was started in 1980 and ruled the airline industry since then.


Air hostess course eligibility –

To become a cabin crew in 2023, there are various standards and eligibility factors that one need to qualify before she can fulfil the chances of

candidate must have passed their higher secondary examination to become an air hostess or cabin crew.

  • Educational qualification – with a minimum 50% aggregate. Candidate should have good knowledge in spoken English.


  • Age and marital status –

By pursuing the cabin crew courses, the age of candidate should be between 18 to 25 years. This rule can be changed according to the policies of companies.  Airline companies also prefer the candidate to be unmarried even though some typical airline companies do allow that point. The age and marital status vary from company to company.


  • Physical and medical eligibility –

While thinking about how to be an air hostess in 2023, the candidate should be aware that to become a successful cabin crew, the candidate needs to have a minimum height of 157 cm . the weight should be proportionate to height. The complexion of the skin should be fair. No scars or tattoos should be visible. The candidate must be physically fit.

For medical fitness, the candidate should be medically fit as well. all the candidates have to undergo an initial medical test. The health aspect should be taken very seriously in this career path you want to take. If you are not fit to fly, you will be strictly asked to leave.  The following checks may be carried out at the medical test-

Blood pressure

Hearing check


ECG to test the heart rate

Reach test to watch the ability to reach emergency equipment in the overhead lockers and

Lifting heavy items.


Following the medical and physical examination, you need to pass all the tests to get the job in the cabin crew. Whenever you apply for the airline company, you will know the drill when it comes to jumping through hoops with your application and examination day.


Skills you need to acquire to get a job –

Interpersonal skills –

While thinking about how to be an air hostess in 2023, then you should keep in mind that As a cabin crew, you need to work with various kinds of people. That’s why having strong interpersonal skills is important. You will meet different passengers on every flight. So make sure you have good conversational skills. Apart from that, you will also be working with various members of the cabin crew on each flight. You will need to be able to form good working relationships.


 To look presentable to your passengers you need to live up to the standards of the airline. The way cabin crew look , influences a passenger’s view of an airline.


 During a flight, cabin crew is a team who have to work together to make sure everything is going well and passengers are feeling safe. You will need to help others team members out and work together to ensure the flight runs as smoothly as possible.

Adaptive and flexible –

This is one of the important qualities of a cabin crew must have is the ability to be adaptable and flexible. You need to adapt new situations and problems. Every passenger’s situation will be unique. so you need to be flexible to work with any situations that may arrive.


Benefits of working as an air hostess-


  • As an employee in this sector, it’s in the best interest of airlines and airports that their employees are continually developing. Along with annual reviews, some offer an annual financial incentive scheme to ensure that their employees’ contributions are recognized. Indian Airlines for example have a team of development professionals from various backgrounds whose job it is to support their employees with their learning and development. They offer workshops and have resources available that provide the airline’s employees with the tools they need to develop their skills. this isn’t just specific to one particular airline either, as many airports and airlines offer similar schemes as they compete to attract and retain the skills they need.


  • The cabin crew gives hospitality in the airplane. You can visit various places and meet new people. Sometimes you have to manage an emergency situation. 


  • the best thing about working in the cabin crew sector is that it won’t stop the moment you’ve got your foot in the door. As a highly demanding sector, employers are looking for staff that is well-trained in their particular discipline and have a grip on the latest developments in the field. You can find that most employers in the aviation and cabin crew sectors are keen to provide constant development opportunities to their staff. This means that you’ll always have chances to continue developing your skills without having to take a break from the job.



  • you can get flexibility in this sector. Aviation is, of course, a global industry with job opportunities coming up around the world on a very regular basis. As an employee in aviation provides you with easily transferable skills which could mean a professional lifetime traveling to and living in places that may have otherwise fallen below your radar. Yes, you won’t get the time to tour every city you fly into – but you will get more opportunities than most to experience what the world has to offer.


  • the aviation sector is very dynamic and many industry experts predict that it will just continue to grow too. It gives you job security. The highest growth will be in the aviation sectors in India, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific regions.


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