clear cabin crew interviews in 2023

how to clear cabin crew interviews in 2023?

Cabin crew job is one of the most demanding job in the aviation sector. Most of the candidates fails to clear the interview round due to lack of knowledges. There are multiple companies where you can start your career as a fresher. To clear cabin crew interviews in 2023, The first important thing is which is the best airline to work for as a cabin crew. But you have to consider certain things before beginning to fill out those applications such as where you want to be based, what salary you are looking for, and what airlines are the best to work for. When you are starting to look at the airlines you are going to apply for, it can be excellent when you see just how many airlines there are to choose from. Let us take you through interview round-

Some common questions students have to face during the interview-

  1. What do you know about our company?


This is one of the common questions you can face while giving interviews in the airline industry. The interviewer wants to know about your knowledge. Experts want to know if you did your homework about the airline you’re applying to. So make sure you do enough research into the airline and familiarise yourself with the significant rules and details about the airline.


  1. Why should we hire you?


Do not get nervous while answering this question. Tell them why you want to be an air hostess and give them ideas about your strength, and the positive part of your character. Discuss your problem solving and leadership skills. Apart from that, you can also share an accomplishment you are proud of, and if you can quantify the results, it is helpful to include that information to add validity to your claim.


  1. How will you take the criticism?


This question shows your personality. You can say that you are a very positive-minded person. For this case, you need to understand that this position is sensitive and any criticism directed your way will be constructive. You will learn from the criticism and later you will perform well.


  1. If there comes any emergency, how quickly will you be able to handle them?


Airline companies will see your problem-solving skills. In case of emergency, you can answer that you will take guidance from your team leader or your senior and then act accordingly. This is because, in an emergency situation, you may fall short of memory which would help you know what to do and what not. This will help you solve the problem quickly and then lend your hand to the supervisors also.




To become a cabin crew and to clear cabin crew interviews in 2023,  you should have to complete your higher secondary education. The age should be between 18 to 21years. In class 12, English should be their first or second language. Candidates need to have strong verbal and written skills in English. Most international companies prefer a minimum of 158 cm as they need to be able to reach all the safety equipment in the aircraft.

As an air hostess, you need to have strong communication skills in English and at least 1 native language. While hiring, most of the company conduct personality tests where the student has to give a communication skills test and the company will see their personality and proficiency in air hostess-Ing.


The shortlisting process of cabin crew-


  • The crucial requirement to getting your application shortlisted is to submit the resume. Many candidates pay very less attention to it. Try to create good resume. Use resume builder app to make your resume perfectly.so that, your resume can stand out, meet the job requirements and it brings out the real you.
  • The photograph should be up-to-date. As a cabin crew, you would be presenting the airline to the customers, the company need the candidate with decent personality. So here that you can submit a photograph that makes a great impression.
  • After getting shortlisted, company conduct medical test. In the medical test, you need to be sound in body and mind for any role. One the day of interview, and clearing the first round, your medical test will be conducted.
  • The eyesight test will be checked
  • body mas index should be proportionate with height.
  • No drug history
  • No medical history with any serious illness- these things will be tested.


  • After passing medical test, you have to pass through the final round of interview to clear cabin crew interviews in 2023, which is group discussion. It is a room full of confident people, it is your skill that will help you stand out in the group discussion. Make sure you show your search, do not cut someone in the middle of the conversation, listen before you speak and stay relevant. You need to keep the motivation, the confidence and the personality at its best to land the job.
  • Leaders and professors will be observing you from the time you have entered the interview room. You cannot be incorporative or unprofessional to co applicants outside and say your strength lies in teamwork. Make sure you do what you say. This is how you will clear cabin crew interviews in 2023.


Roles and responsibilities of a cabin crew –


  • As a highly demanding sector, employers are looking for staff that is well-trained in their particular discipline and have a grip on the latest developments in the field. You can find that most employers in the aviation and cabin crew sectors are keen to provide constant development opportunities to their staff. This means that you’ll always have chances to continue developing your skills without having to take a break from the job.
  • As a cabin crew member, she needs to have strong communication skills. They have to communicate with each and every passenger to guide them during their journey, ensure their safety and guide them during the journey from the airplane and listen to their problems to solve them.
  • Cabin crews generally greet passengers on board and help them to find their seats. They have to tell every passenger how to use the equipment properly. During the flight, they provide food to every passenger. They make sure that passengers leave the plane safely at arrival. After that, they Complete flight reports after completing the flight journey.



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