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How much time it will take to complete the Airhostess training course from Aptech Gariahat | time takes to complete air hostess trainings from Best Airhostess training institute in Kolkata

Air hostess career is a very prestigious career. Students who want to become an airhostess, can start their preparation after higher secondary education. There are different kind of airhostess trainings available, including bachelor and diploma course. The duration of diploma courses are 6 months and the bachelor courses are 1 year to 2 years.  The average time takes to complete air hostess training is from 6 months to 1 year. After completing the education, student can join the domestic and international companies as a flight attendant, cabin crew or air hostess. In this career it requires a lot of training, good interpersonal skills, and patience. Those who enjoy travelling and are good at dealing with people may find this a suitable career path for them.


Here are some step by step details for pursuing air hostess course after 12th


  • First, you need to complete the higher secondary examination in any stream with minimum 50% aggregate.
  • Need to have good interpersonal skills, communication skills and spoken English skills.
  • Students can directly apply for the aviation institutes after the 12th The admission process goes on with the merit basis.
  • After that an initial screening test is conducted where you have to meet the physical and medical criteria.
  • Some institute and colleges conduct their own entrance examination where students have to pass those tests.
  • The following step is group discussion. Here professors will test a student’s communication skills and problem solving skills.
  • Lastly, a personal interview to gain an understanding of one’s personality characteristics, disposition, and the way one interacts with others.


Application process –

To apply for the Aviation course, candidates have to fill up and submit admission forms online or offline. The student must attach the requested documents, including the photos, birth certificates, mark sheet of class 12. Students must secure at least 50% aggregate. The average time takes to complete air hostess training is from 6 months to 1 year.

Some of the best aviation management training institutes in Kolkata are- the Frankfinn institute of air hostess, Aptech learning, J.T. aviation academy, NSHM knowledge campus, etc.



Must have skills to become an air hostess-


  • Personality – 

Personality is the major aspect of this sector. you must skill yourself and improve your personality. the average time takes to complete air hostess training is almost 1 year. Besides, you should have the patience to deal with multiple passengers at the same time. It should be noted that as an Air hostess, you will experience different kinds of passengers who are either angry or irritated. You have to handle every situation very lightly and carefully. With a decent attitude, deal the situations with ease without causing harm to the reputation of the airline company. During the selection process, you have to pass the personality test to get a job in the airline industry. The candidate should have the skills to handle each situation with professionalism and diplomacy.


  • Communication skills-

 Communication skills are a must-have aspect of the career as an Air hostess. You have to have the ability to solve different problems of passengers. As air hostesses, they have to communicate with every customer, ensure their comfort and safety and guide them and listen to their problems to solve them. They need to stay aware of airline guideline rules. 


  • Fitness-

As we can see there are certain time takes to complete air hostess training .As an air hostess, you have to deal with passengers all over the world. For that, you have to be good-looking and physically fit as well. The fundamental key here is overall nutrition. You should be both physically and medically fit.


  • Grooming skills-

As the air hostess representing the airline company and the nation, you should always maintain a good appearance in terms of the cloth you wear and also your overall looks. When it comes to hygiene, you should have to be tip top. The uniform you wear should always have proper maintained, perfect fittings 



Roles and responsibilities of an air hostess –


  • The key responsibilities of a professional air hostess include conducting pre and post-flight checks, assisting passengers in deplaning, ensure the comfort and safety of passengers during flight. 



  • One of the best thing about working in the aviation sector won’t stop the moment you’ve got your foot in the door. As a highly demanding sector, employers are looking for staff that is well-trained in their particular discipline and have a grip on the latest developments in the field. You can find that most employers in the aviation and aeronautics sectors are keen to provide constant development opportunities to their staff. This means that you’ll always have chances to continue developing your skills without having to take a break from the job.


  • Individuals are required to have skills in problem-solving, organizing skills, communication skills & grooming skills. You need to know how to give medical aid to passengers during a flight. As a hostess, you need to organize multiple tasks at one time.


  • As a staff, it is crucial to learn how to deal with all kinds of people. you must make them feel comfortable during the flight. You are not the servant, but you indeed have to bring them their food and drink during the flight. Apart from that, you will be the one who will save their lives if something happens. Apart from that. You will learn what to do in case an emergency arises. Always remember to smile when you face your passengers. Every day you will face different kinds of people with different personalities. They have to take care of the luggage from luggage carrier to cargo. Professional ground staff has to be properly trained to maintain their duty. 


  • Employees need to make sure that every passenger feels safe and comfortable during the flight. they give water and food from time to time and communicate with passengers and organize multiple tasks at one time.


  • if you have a dedication to being an Air hostess, then you have to have the ability to solve different problems of passengers during flight. She must know how to give medical support during emergencies.

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