Aviation Training Institute Expectation vs Reality

Aviation Training Institute Expectation vs Reality | Aptech Gariahat

Right education is a fundamental right for every student. The aviation sector is competitive and to get success in this field, the student must pursue their career at the best aviation training institute in Kolkata. For many of us, working in the aviation sector is like living out a dream. Many aspirants put a lot of effort into becoming flight attendants or air hostesses. Why should they not, too? After all, it is among the most desirable and lucrative sectors to work in.

A significant amount of work must go into the training of an airline employee. There is a lot that goes into it, but regrettably, all we see and understand is the service component. To prove to the authorities that you are all secure and qualified to work as airline staff, be prepared to be committed and work hard just in case you decide to pursue the career. enroll in one of your area’s top aviation training programs. If you are from Kolkata, you can opt for Aptech- the best aviation training institute in Kolkata.

One of the top training facilities in Kolkata, Aptech Aviation offers current study materials. Aptech learning (the best aviation training institute in Kolkata) airline division has been given a placement to students in various national and international companies like- Emirates, Qatar airways, indigo, SpiceJet, Vistara, Go Air, Air Asia India, etc. That’s why choosing the right institute with proper placement guidance is very important.

Before your first flight, the best aviation training academy can assist in your preparation. so choosing the best institute is crucial.

Here are some of the training institutes and job expectations vs reality –


Admission procedures in aviation institutes are easy . The institute let its candidates know about all of their payment choices. For instance, they ought to list any inappropriate student loans. 


sometimes, you can see some faults in their management, you need to check their payment options- either they provide installment payment or one-time payment. Before admission, potential students should be made aware of their payment alternatives by each Cabin Crew Training institution. Your established fee payment plan should prevent you from incurring any late fees. That’s why choosing a renowned institute is necessary.


Every aviation institute provides placement after competing for their course. As an aviation student, you can get a job in a cabin crew, air hostess, cargo manager, front office executive, and various other roles.


Not every institute and college provides proper placement. This is a vital opportunity you could miss if you do not study at a renowned college or institute. That’s why you need to get admission from the Best Aviation Training Institute In Kolkata.


Every aviation institute provides the latest study materials . they provide library facilities, Classroom studies, labs, and training sessions that are top-notch.


Not every institute provides up to date study materials and proper training sessions. Sometimes they provide only online pdf. That’s why while prior to admission, Make sure they conduct career counselling before admission and give proper study material. Proper study material can make a student job-ready and develop professional growth. So make sure, the institute to which you want to get admission has proper study materials, faculties, and guidance. They should keep up-to-date with the latest technologies as technology is the key to this field.


Aviation is an easy course. Anyone can get a job in this sector.


In conclusion, this job needs an enormous amount of hard work and dedication. With the right approach, it can be manageable and rewarding. The whole degree is technical in nature. There are many challenges that an airline staff faces every day and it can be difficult to experience. If you are lazy, weak, and not a hard worker, then this sector is not for you.

Job expectations vs reality


If you are the kind of person that prefers and loves meeting people from all cultures and speaking various languages and you genuinely find it interesting, then that is fantastic! You truly get to see other countries and weather as a cabin crew member that travels globally.

It might be challenging to work in the aviation sector, though. For instance, the journey of a cabin crew may differ somewhat from what you expect. the reality is hard. During layovers or flight changes, do not even count on having the luxury of time to do all you want. Even though it wasn’t scheduled as a work day, cabin workers are frequently kept on standby.

Pay scale

If your primary motivation for working is the pay, you shouldn’t be shocked if you eventually experience disappointment. Although the concept of a high and glamorous salary may have been exaggeratedly presented to you, you should also be aware of the sacrifices that an airline staff must make. Though the pay scale is pretty high according to the other jobs but To get the desired salary, you need to gain experience as per the company’s rules. Sometimes you can even get disappointed by the extra work load and the salary you get according to that.

Apart from that, Region and the nation in which you work and the airline you work for are two factors that affect the cabin crew/airline staff compensation. As a result, it is exceedingly difficult to determine the actual pay scale. But according to the experts, in India, you can make between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 30,000 per month as a fresher working as airline staff.


Every major corporation in any corporate business wants to reduce costs and boost production. A significant amount of work must go into the training of an airline employee. The majority of newcomers in the airline staff business will find it most challenging simply because as juniors, you may occasionally run against unpleasant higher-ranked seniors. Your rank affects your pay rate as well.

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