The Next Big Thing in Aspects of Hospitality and Management

The Next Big Thing in Aspects of Hospitality management courses in Kolkata

There are various institutes and colleges available which provide Hospitality management courses in Kolkata. The hospitality and management sector covers a wide range of businesses, from hotels and other forms of lodging to eateries, bars, travel agencies, and tour operators. In order to adapt to shifting consumer behavior brought on by the corona outbreak, the industry must adopt the newest innovations in hospitality. Nonetheless, the majority of trends developed as a result of broader shifts in consumer behaviour. The hospitality and management system are huge sector. Because the hospitality sector is so competitive, businesses and companies must stay on top of emerging trends to stay ahead of the competition. Also, being current with the market is a smart method to guarantee that your company provides the kind of customer service that customers want and expect. Yet, COVID has also transformed the expectations and objectives of the consumer base.

In this article, We will talk about the next big moves and general trends in hospitality management in 2023.

Why Is It Essential to Stay up-to-date in the hospitality sector ?

The most prosperous hospitality businesses are those that are always growing, but if you want to do the same, you must constantly stay on top of the current trends in hospitality. To use the newest technologies and react to global events, this includes marketing initiatives and hospitality procedures.

Keeping up with current marketing trends will provide you the best chance to connect with your target audience and get your point across. A firm may become more efficient by adopting new technology, and in certain situations, it can also serve to enhance the entire customer experience.

What Are the Greatest Technology-Related Developments in Hospitality and Management?

The usage of technology is linked to several of the most important developments in hospitality that must be followed. The ever-increasing usage of voice control, the expansion of contactless and mobile payment options, the employment of robots, and the ongoing development of artificial intelligence are some of the biggest developments in this field.

Top institutes that provide Hospitality management courses in Kolkata-

There are various institutes and colleges available which provide Hospitality management courses in Kolkata. here are top 5 institutes –

  • Aptech Gariahat
  • JB institute of hospitality management
  • NSHM Knowledge campus
  • NIPS hotel management
  • Guru Nanak institute of hotel management

Here are the top 5 hospitality and management trends we will see –

Sustainability –

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important as we deal with more environmental problems every day. As a result, a sizable portion of the hotel sector engages in Go Green activities to decrease its negative environmental effect. Customers care more about environmental concerns than ever before, and they want to know that the companies they do business with are doing ethically. This is why an increasing number of hospitality companies are highlighting their eco-friendliness, making sustainability one of the most obvious trends in the industry recently. Throughout the last ten years, hoteliers implemented sustainable techniques on their grounds. This improved the guest experience, had a big impact on the environment, and increased income. Environmental innovations are constantly being developed to lower costs and boost effectiveness for hotels. This was advantageous for both the environment and companies. It draws and draws more hotel visitors. Also, consumers are more inclined to pay extra for goods and services from businesses that practise sustainability.

Voice search by using AI –

Voice search is changing the reservation procedure in the hotel sector. Customers may now plan their vacations and do their research on their smartphones and tablets. You may enhance conversions by adding voice search functionality to your website, which will link you with more qualified prospects. The model is built on conversational language, even if many think that this AI is still in its infancy. Using information from prior inquiries, it seeks to comprehend the purpose and context. Moreover, it aspires to perfection in pondering many actions and inquiries, with an increased emphasis on transactions, tasks, and activities.

Contactless payment –

Contactless payments are one of the best instances of this because many of the largest trends in hospitality are focused on lowering friction. When contactless payments are accepted, customers don’t have to spend time counting bills or entering their PIN. The introduction of services like Apple Pay and Google Pay also eliminates the requirement to even carry a wallet.

The coronavirus pandemic has boosted interest in contactless payments in addition to minimising friction and enhancing the customer experience. The availability of contactless payments may be viewed by many as a need rather than a luxury because many consumers and employees dislike using cash.

Virtual reality tour guide –

Virtual reality is one of the most exciting advancements in hospitality technology because it allows prospective hotel or restaurant diners to experience their surroundings from the comfort of their own home. This is sometimes necessary to get them over the planning stage and into actually committing to a visit. Some clients may benefit from virtual tours or 360-degree movies to have a better understanding of the amenities offered. Because current VR tours are web-based, they should be simple to access on many devices, even without a VR headset, giving you a distinct advantage over any competitors who aren’t yet leveraging this specific hospitality trend.

Personalization –

The requirement for personalization is a key trend in virtually all businesses, and the hotel sector is no exception .Personalization may be used in many different contexts. For example, utilising GPS technology and reservation information, hotels may automatically provide returning guests the same amenities that they had the last time they were there. The development of big data is the main force behind this. A rising proportion of hotel visitors like to be acknowledged as unique people rather than just another faceless clientele. By providing this method, customers can also be individually greeted by a member of staff when they arrive. In addition, with the proliferation of smart devices, hotel guests may now utilise their own gadgets and accounts on entertainment websites.

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