Right time to start career in Aviation industry

The Right Time to Start Career in Aviation Industry with Aptech Aviation Gariahat | Best Aviation training institute in Kolkata

An aviation career is very prestigious career. With the aviation industry currently in a state of outrushing due to COVID-19 restrictions and the partial shutdown, some might ask questions about the benefits of beginning an aviation career or studying for an aviation degree. you should know that this is the Right time to start career in Aviation industry.

After completing the higher secondary examination student can prepare for this course. You can complete your higher secondary education in any stream from a reputed and recognized board. Most of the institutes look for at least 50 % aggregate marks in H.S. It can improve your career prospects if you have studied English or other foreign languages and are fluent in them.

After that, you have to join to certified program for aviation. The admission process includes an interview and a test to assess your communication skills and aptitude for the career. During this course, you have to study basic subjects in aviation like study in-flight procedures, emergency handling, and passenger psychology.



Eligibility –


  • To pursue a career in the aviation industry, the age of the candidate should be between 17-26, this is theRight time to start career in Aviation industry.
  • For the height, the height should be at least 5.16 feet or 157.5 centimeters and the weight should be proportionate according to the height.
  • The candidate must have well groomed, with a polite attitude.
  • The eyesight should be 20/20 vision.





You can do undergraduate courses or diploma courses. The undergraduate courses usually have a semester system. In aviation, there has a comprehensive syllabus structure that covers all aspects of aviation management including accounting, hospitality, front office, organization, etc. some of the popular course subjects are- management and leadership, business maths, business computing, accounting, organizational behavior, communication English, personality development, handling on board, management in aviation and their principles, etc.


Top aviation institutes in Kolkata-


  • Aptech aviation
  • Jt aviation academy
  • Airospace aviation institute
  • Frankfinn institute of air hostess
  • Adventure flight education Pvt ltd. And many more.




To get a job in the airline industry, a candidate must have some skills to stand out from the crowd.

Interpersonal skills- as a candidate, you must have strong interpersonal skills. They come across as friendly and helpful and can get along well with everyone. They remain decent under pressure and know how to solve difficult situations politely and quickly.

Organizing skills- candidate must possess organizing skills. They have to handle multiple staff at a time, so they need to make sure that everything is fine on the flight and that they are solving passengers’ queries.

Communication skills – communication skills have to be strong as they communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, and the ability to speak is essential for them. It is also important for them to develop decent public speaking skills so that they can speak confidently before large groups of people. apart from knowing English, candidates also have to know the regional language or any foreign language.

If you have the above skills then you can apply for the job, as this is the Right time to start career in Aviation industry, professionally.



Roles and responsibilities-


  • every individual is required to have skills in problem-solving, organizing skills, communication skills & grooming skills. They need to know how to give medical aid to passengers during a flight. As a staff in the airline industry, you need to organize multiple tasks at one time. After completing the training in aviation from the best aviation institute, you can get hired by various companies and multinational airlines as an air hostess, ground staff, cabin crew, or flight attendant.


  • As a staff, it is crucial to learn how to deal with all kinds of people. you must make them feel comfortable during the flight. You are not the servant, but you indeed have to bring them their food and drink during the flight. Apart from that, you will be the one who will save their lives if something happens. Apart from that. You will learn what to do in case an emergency arises. Always remember to smile when you face your passengers. Every day you will face different kinds of people with different personalities. They have to take care of the luggage from luggage carrier to cargo. Professional ground staff has to be properly trained to maintain their duty. 
  • Employees need to make sure that every passenger feels safe and comfortable during the flight. they give water and food from time to time and communicate with passengers and organize multiple tasks at one time.
  • if you have a dedication to being an air hostess, then you have to have the ability to solve different problems of passengers during flight. She must know how to give medical support during emergencies.



Salary range –


Working in the air hostess industry offers multiple benefits including international holidays, discounts on flight tickets, and many more. The average salary of an air hostess starts from 20,000/-. 

As a flight attendant, the CTC starts from a 4 lakh package. A senior air hostess’s salary starts from 5 lakh per anum. Some of the top airline companies are indigo, jet airways, Vistara airline, SpiceJet, go air, etc. as your level of experience grows, so does your compensation. Besides, the salary of an air hostess varies depending on whether it is a domestic or international airline. It is no secret that international airlines pay significantly more than domestic airlines in the industry. This is because these companies demand staff to have specific language abilities and a strong cultural awareness, which are required to meet the day-to-day needs of varied passengers.




If you have completed your higher secondary examination, then you should get prepared for getting admission to the aviation institute. after the covid 19 hit, the air hostess demand is increasing. This sector is growing rapidly. So this is the Right time to start career in Aviation industry. 

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