Setting Your Career on Flight Mode: Why an Aviation Institute in Kolkata Can Help You Reach Great Heights

Whether you decide to work as an air hostess, ground personnel, or in any other position within the business, each career in aviation offers fulfilment on a personal and monetary level. There are countless chances in a vast array of distinct sub-industries due to the industry’s ongoing growth, and one may also benefit from a number of benefits and advantages. Both financially and mentally satisfying, a job in the aviation industry! As a result of the numerous work options, many students in our age are enrolling in aviation courses. A lot of things in this industry are fun.  The aviation institute in kolkata – Aptech are the ideal if you are from Kolkata and want to advance your profession.

About – Aptech Aviation

Aptech Aviation uses a three-step process and has more than 30 years of experience. Their method of education relieves the burden of learning. The students can quickly develop their knowledge if they have fun while learning inside the classroom and outside. They hold contemporary classroom and practical sessions to make certain that the entire course is maintained in the students’ memory. Because of this, Aptech is considered as one of Kolkata’s best aviation institute in kolkata. Aptech Aviation promotes a high standard of instruction at each academic discipline.

Aptech aviation institute in Kolkata offer –

  • Ground staff service; • Cabin crew service; • Aptech certified customer service professional; • Airport terminal operations and management; • Aviation, tourism, and hospitality management

How Aptech Aviation Institute in kolkata Can Help You Achieve Outstanding Results ?

  • Aptech is one of Kolkata’s finest institutions for aviation training. Aptech Aviation maintains a high standard of education at every location. The same teaching style is used in every class, no matter where you are. This makes Aptech one of Kolkata’s top schools for aviation training. They provide guidance and advice in little, extremely helpful dosages that transmit knowledge that may be used in the actual world.
  • You will receive complete assistance and learn a lot from your course because their professors are knowledgeable and come from the related sector. Due to its training programmes, Aptech Gariahat is regarded as one of Kolkata’s top aviation training institutions.


  • Their teaching method reduces the pressure to study. The learner can get information right away by participating in an engaging learning experience both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • After completing their course, you can get assured placement. Whenever you are choosing an institute that offers best aviation management in Kolkata, you must stay assured that it offers placement. Aptech aviation institute in Kolkata provide placements as most of the airlines connect to them to acquire some of the best employee for their brand.


Eligibility –

  • After the 12th examination, the student can pursue the aviation training courses in any field ( arts, science, commerce). Candidates can directly apply from aviation colleges. 


  • Candidate must secure at least 50 % in the higher secondary examination. 

  • The age of the student should be between 18-26.


  • Most airline companies look for a height of a minimum of 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 5 inches. 


  • The body weight should be proportionate to height. The candidate should have a good eyesight test. 

  • During the recruiting period, trainers check the candidate’s eyesight. Communication skills (English -written and verbal) should be a must for candidates.

 This is how you can pursue the aviation to becoming an air hostess after 12th.


What you will study at an Aptech training facility for cabin crew – 


  • You must identify the various kinds of airplanes and the necessary cabin crew responsibilities as a member of the cabin crew. You need to understand how to handle the issue if there is an emergency. Your career will greatly benefit from what you learn at the training facility for cabin crew. Aptech aviation provide all the trainings with practical experience.


  • Understanding the duties of the position is the first step in becoming a member of the cabin crew. Deeply grasp the utilisation in both the past and the present.


  • In any situation, keep control of the passenger’s relationships.


  • Recall security and emergency protocols.


  • As a cabin crew, you must comprehend security-related concerns and safety.


  • The general philosophy for the carrying of dangerous and unlawful commodities and their hazards.


Roles and responsibility of an airhostess –


  • The most crucial duty of the airhostess/ cabin crew is to instruct every passenger on what to do and when, not just in an emergency. Both aural and visual instruction is necessary.


  • Air hostesses have a responsibility to advise passengers of all pertinent travel information.


  • They are in charge of the cockpit door leading to the cooking area at the back. In the cockpit or outside the aircraft, the cabin crew is not responsible.

  • Air hostesses are obliged to assume responsibility for the cockpit door leading to the back cooking area and to provide passengers the necessary information about the flight. Outside of the aeroplane, the cabin crew has no liability.


  • As a cabin crew, you have to make sure that the passengers disembark safely at the end of a flight and scan that there is no luggage left in the overhead vaults no suspected or stories items on board.


  • Airhostess or cabin crew are assigned with opening the emergency exit door in case of an accidental situation. Passengers sitting right next to the emergency exit doors are also responsible.


  • When the required materials are to be packed into the airplane before take-off, the cabin crew must differ from company to company.


  • The airline staff must vary from company to company when the necessary goods are to be packed into the airplane before take off. They must provide kids both visual and auditory instruction.


  • This includes giving passengers their meals and other refreshments, as well as accommodating any special meal requirements. Aside from helping passengers with inquiries and other needs, air hostesses often sell presents and duty-free goods and provide them blankets, pillows, and headphones.

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