5 Things to Know Before Enrolling in a Cabin Crew Courses in Kolkata

A student’s fundamental right is to get a quality education. A common aspiration is to work in the aviation industry, travel to many states and nations, and provide public services to people all over the world. It’s a long-term investment to enrol in aviation school. To ensure that the training you get will lead you along the path towards achieving the profession of your dreams, and to take the Cabin Crew Courses in Kolkata, you must take the necessary steps. Before enrolling any aviation institute, you must be aware the institute’s terms and conditions and the reputation. A student makes a significant lifelong investment when they get admitted to an aviation institute. As a consequence of this, you must ensure that the training you are receiving is on the best path to landing the profession you have always wanted. You can then pursue what you want in a career in that way.

Here are the top 5 things to know before enrolling in the cabin crew courses in Kolkata

Verify the reputation of the institute –

First and foremost, find out how long the institution has been providing the aviation instruction. Look into the history of the teacher. Considering that they will show you how to succeed. Check the school’s qualifications list and look up the license they hold. Find out your institute’s tenure and the length of time it has been providing instruction by conducting a Google search. View their testimonials. Students are always guided by real-world experience in a recognised institute. Being adequately skilled is essential in a career like aviation. Check their placement experiences, internship strategies, and all of the practical tasks and responsibilities related to the airport sector they are teaching. 

So select an institution that has been active in this field for a while. The fact that this is a job, not a pastime, must always be kept in mind. You will also have the chance to earn a competitive wage by studying in the field.


Placements – 

Airline representatives scoop out good students and offer interview on campus for internship. This is a vital opportunity you could miss if you do not study properly. Check out which companies institute giving placements to the students. This is another important point to look at.

After successfully finishing a career in aviation, you can find employment in a variety of sectors and industries. It’s crucial to consider this issue. View their placement stories to see how many students receive reliable placements each session. You can work as a cabin crew, an air hostess, a cargo manager, a front office executive, and other positions as an aviation student. In addition, in order to get hired by some of the most prominent airline businesses, you must be a promising candidate with strong communication abilities. It’s competitive during the internship term.


Current study materials –

Make that the syllabus’s organisational scheme is current. You must stay current in light of the system’s continual evolution. Make sure they offer appropriate study materials and undertake job counselling before to enrolment. With the right study materials, a student may increase their professional progress and become job-ready. So check to see if the institution you wish to enrol in offers the right resources, instructors, and advice. Because technology is the key to their sector, they should stay current with it.

Fundamental Skills Required –

Every airline needs the ability to work under intense pressure and do quality work. The company’s ability to serve its consumers at the desk or onboard requires a certain skill set.


The following abilities are necessary for success in this field when you enrol in the cabin crew courses in Kolkata.

  • When speaking with the passengers, one should keep their composure and have a cool demeanour. There might be many other crises, like as poor weather or turbulence in the air. The air hostess must remain composed in such a situation.
  • Travellers should be prepared for any difficult events that may arise. A crew member is responsible for making sure all passengers are appropriately following the safety measures in an emergency.
  • Good problem-solving abilities are necessary.
  • Working with individuals or groups from many cultures requires preparation.
  • Professionalism must always be maintained.
  • The individual’s communicative abilities must be within some degree of acceptable control. Excellent interpersonal communication abilities should also be present.


Physical and medical requirements to join in the cabin crew industry –

Most of the time, students do not notice these requirements and get misguided on various way. In this sector, a candidate must maintain their physical and medical requirements in order to get a chance in international airline companies. This is one of the crucial things to know before enrolling in the cabin crew course in Kolkata. candidate must be medically fit. the eyesight should be strong. The weight should be proportionate with height.


Employment opportunities in the next 10 years –

Flight attendant employment is expected to increase 17% between 2023 and 2033, according to a research by experts.

As the number of passengers increases quickly and there is a high rate of flight attendant turnover, there is a very high demand for flight attendants. The need for cabin crew, often known as flight attendants, is rising quickly as a result of the increased traffic. So It’s crucial to earn certification from the cabin crew courses in Kolkata, if you want to take advantage of this chance.


Key responsibilities of a cabin crew –

  • performing pre-flight tasks, such as making sure the aircraft has enough supplies and that the emergency equipment is operational
  • greeting and escorting people to their seats after a warm welcome
  • putting up safety displays
  • ensuring that any hand baggage is tucked up safely
  • making sure that all seat belts and buckles are fastened before takeoff.
  • ensuring the comfort of the passengers during the flight
  • supplying food and drinks
  • selling travellers duty-free items and informing them of any permit limitations
  • releasing statements on the pilot’s behalf
  • addressing inquiries from travellers
  • Providing passengers with assurance in the case of a crisis and ensuring they adhere to safety measures
  • providing first assistance as needed
  • ensuring that passengers exit the plane safely.

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