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Why do you need to pursue Aviation Courses in Kolkata to become a cabin crew?

After completing high school, most of the Students seeking to pursue a career as cabin crew in the aviation sector should take this course on cabin crew training. The curriculum is perfect for anybody searching for a well-paying profession, who enjoys traveling, or who wants to work for one of the reputable airlines. Choosing this profession means you are taking a huge responsibility. for that, you need to gain perfect training. There re many institutes and colleges which provide aviation training courses. You need to choose your institute carefully because it is a lifetime investment and you need to be aware of that. Choosing the best aviation courses in Kolkata, and all over west Bengal is a complicated task, as each institute offers individual features which are confusing to choose from. Check their placement stories, testimonials, study material, fee structure, and requirements. To get updated study materials and top-notch training in your aviation career, choose Aptech aviation – Gariahat. They provide one of the best aviation courses in Kolkata.


What you will learn in Aviation Courses in Kolkata at Aptech Gariahat


  • The first step in becoming a cabin crew member is to understand what the job entails. Deeply comprehend the history and contemporary usage.
  • Control the passenger’s relations in every circumstance. 


  • Recall emergency and security procedures.


  • The general philosophy for the carriage of hazardous and illegal goods and their dangers.


  • As a cabin crew, you need to Understand security-related issues and safety.


  • You must identify the various kinds of airplanes and the necessary cabin crew responsibilities as a member of the cabin crew. You need to understand how to handle the issue if there is an emergency. Your career will greatly benefit from what you learn at the training facility for cabin crew. Aptech aviation provide all the training with practical experience.


To possess all of these skills and major duties, you need to pursue aviation courses in Kolkata to become a cabin crew.



How much time takes to complete the aviation courses in Kolkata  from Aptech Aviation Gariahat


A variety of air hostess training options are available, including bachelors and diploma programs. The length of a diploma course is six months, whereas a bachelor’s program lasts one to two years. Air hostess training typically lasts between six months and a year. Students who successfully complete their study can work for both local and foreign companies as flight attendants, cabin crew, or air hostesses. This profession requires proper training, strong interpersonal skills, and patience. A job in this field may be an excellent fit for someone who likes to travel and is good with people.


Aptech Aviation Gariahat course highlights


  • The introduction and principle of aviation, passenger handling, and airport management


  • You can be job ready with a mock interview session.


  • Get 100% job assistance from the institute


  • Gain job skills for a career in Indian and international airlines through their practical classes.
  • Improve your presentation and communication skills and learn various makeup techniques and hairstyles (for female candidates).





You must receive training at a reputable institute in order to work successfully as cabin staff for a reputable company. For studying cabin crew, a student must be at least 17 years old.

  • In addition, you must possess a diploma or degree in any stream in addition to having completed the 10+2 exams in any field from a recognized board or institution.


  • Candidates must be medically fit.


  • No physical impairments, such as colour blindness, affect her or him.


  • Candidate must have studied English as their 1st or2nd language.


About :- Aptech Aviation Gariahat Courses


  • By completing the whole course, Aptech conduct placements in indigo, Vistara, Spicejet, and many other companies. As an aviation student, you can get a job in a cabin crew, air hostess, cargo manager, front office executive, and various other roles. Apart from that, you have to be a potential candidate with good communication skills to get hired by some of the most prestigious airline companies. In Aptech, The internship period is competitive. Airline representatives scoop out good students and offer interviews on campus for internships.


  • Aptech aviation uses a three-step theory. The pressure to learn is eased by their technique of instruction. Through an enjoyable learning experience in the classroom and outside as well, the students can effortlessly develop their knowledge. To ensure that the entire course is retained in the student’s memory, they conduct modern classroom and practical sessions.



  • Aptech conduct practical classes. The practical classes are the place where you will gain hands-on experience. Try to sit in during one of their classes and get a feel of how the classroom session goes. As the aviation institute takes a great part of this career so you need to find the best for yourself.


  • Through their practical training, you may learn work skills for a career in domestic and international airlines.


Roles and responsibilities of a cabin crew 


  • The important task of the cabin crew is to present to all the passengers what to do an what, not in case of emergency. They need to instruct them in both auditory and visual.


  • Air hostesses are bound to provide passengers with the required information about the journey.


  • They have to take responsibility for the cockpit door to the back kitchen area. The cabin crew is not liable outside the aircraft or inside the cockpit.


  • Make an announcement on behalf of the pilot and answer all the queries of every passenger.


  • Serve meal and drinks to every passenger.


  • As a cabin crew, you have to make sure that the passengers disembark safely at the end of a flight and scan that there is no luggage left in the overhead vaults no suspected or stories items on board.


  • Airhostess or cabin crew are assigned with opening the emergency exit door in case of an accidental situation. Passengers sitting right next to the emergency exit doors are also responsible.


  • When the required materials are to be packed into the airplane before take-off, the cabin crew must differ from company to company.

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