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Which is the best aviation training college in Kolkata? Aptech Gariahat best Aviation Training College in Kolkata

Studying aviation involves exploring airlines and performing business in the aviation industry. Students can learn the skills they need to comprehend the classifications of airlines and airports in the aviation management course. There are a variety of aviation management courses available. As an illustration, consider ground staff, cabin crew, airport customer service, and comparable positions. By looking into and researching the aviation management course, you may have a complete understanding of the many aviation careers and decide whether it’s the right career for you.  One of the many available aviation training centers is Aptech Aviation-Gariahat. The top aviation courses in Kolkata are offered by them. One of the best Aviation Training College in Kolkata is Aptech. This is a leading university for advancing your aviation career. They provide a variety of courses in event planning, flying, being a cabin crew member, traveling and tourism, and running a hotel or medical facility. The professional education offered by Aptech will prepare you for the biggest and greatest position in the aviation industry.


Why Aptech is one of the best Aviation Training College in Kolkata

Aptech provides practical programs. The practical sessions are where you will really get some hands-on experience. Try to sit in on one of their courses to observe how the lesson is conducted. You must choose the greatest aviation college for you because it plays a significant role in this field. They provide a range of courses in aviation, event management, travel and tourism, hotel and hospital administration, and cabin crew. You may prepare for the most attractive job in the aviation business with Aptech’s professional course. One of the best aviation training college in Kolkata is Aptech. There are several different aviation management courses available for you to select from. For instance, airport customer service, ground employees, and so on. You could gain a solid understanding of the many aviation occupations by checking out the aviation management course and determining whether it’s the correct vocation for you. You can get full-on guidance, that’s why most of the students choose Aptech for their aviation training program.


Why you should choose Aptech best Aviation Training College in Kolkata?

  • With 32 years of experience, Aptech aviation follows 3 steps method of theory. They conduct up to date classroom and practical sessions to make sure that every part of the lesson remains in the student’s memory. The faculties are also trained and experienced in this related field.


  • One of the best aviation training college in Kolkata is Aptech. At each educational branch, Aptech Aviation upholds a high quality of education. No matter where you are, every class is taught using the same methodology. Aptech is one of Kolkata’s top aviation training institutions because of this. They offer instruction and advise in little doses that are really beneficial and impart knowledge that can be applied in the real world.


  • The pressure to learn is eased by their technique of teaching. Through an interesting learning experience in the classroom and outside as well, the student may immediately develop their knowledge.


  • Their faculties are experienced and they have come from their respective field of subject so you can get full support and gain knowledge from your course. That’s why Aptech is considered one of the best aviation training college in Kolkata.



They provide both diploma and certified aviation courses. After passing the higher secondary exams, qualified students may enrol in the recognised courses.

  • You must have completed class 12 or the 10+2 in Arts, Science, Commerce, or another subject to enrol in this career-building programme.
  • The candidate’s higher secondary exam scores must be at least 50%.
  • The student’s age should be between 18 and 26.
  • Body weight and height should be proportionate; most airlines want staff who are between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 5 inches tall.
  • The candidate must successfully complete the eyesight test.
  • During the recruiting process, trainers evaluate the candidate’s vision.
  • Candidates should be expected to possess outstanding English communication skills, both verbally and in writing.



Aptech aviation course covers –

  • This course combines in-class instruction with hands-on learning experiences to offer chances for professional development. Further, you will receive training in all facets of aviation administration, including ticketing and rate calculation, cargo and load management, personnel and resource management at the airport, and in-flight experience.
  • Secondly, you will receive training courses in all aspects of hospitality administration, including bookkeeping, housekeeping management, reservation desk management, and F&B services. You will be prepared to join top travel businesses at attractive job profiles with practical training in tourist travel & tour operations and travel desk management.


  • You would receive training in both technical skills and English communication and presentation abilities.



Highlights of Aviation course

  • You will learn how to handle your duties and responsibilities in the aviation industry, particularly those related to aircraft operations, in-flight amenities, and passenger and luggage handling.
  • Learn about the cultures and demographics of famous tourist sites in India and abroad, as well as how travel firms operate.
  • Learn skills for jobs in domestic and foreign airlines, 5-star hotels, resorts, travel agencies, retail establishments, and brand outlets.
  • Develop your soft skills and communication. Recognize and practice the grooming etiquette needed for careers in the service sector.




  • Inflight service, safety and security
  • Business communication
  • Grooming skills
  • Accounting and travel desk
  • Airport and aviation operations
  • Housekeeping service
  • Hygiene and safety
  • F and b service
  • Passenger and baggage handling
  • Customer service
  • Basic English
  • Presentation and communication skills


Final word


 For individuals who have a keen interest for this industry, the aviation sector is for them. Your life will be immediately impacted by this job, which effectively focuses on pressing issues. Many students have the desire of working as flight attendants or air hostesses. Despite the elegance and the fact that it is a fantastic way to travel, it necessitates a lot of standing and hard work. So if you are looking for building your career in the aviation sector, choose Aptech aviation.

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