necessity to join a training institute

The necessity to join a training institute for becoming an air hostess – the necessity to join a training institute, especially in the aviation

The aviation industry is a versatile industry with lots of responsibilities. Students who choose their career in the airline industry, have to be smart, passionate about their job, determined power and responsible. The purpose of aviation training is to cultivate definite behavior patterns in crew members before they are given the responsibilities to fulfill their functions in every operation and to change the pattern consistent with demands or with a special type of situation and with the information available for decision making. That’s why the necessity to join a training institute, especially in the airline industry is crucial.


By getting admitted to a reputed institute, mentors and teachers can guide you very well and helps you to get the right path. You can learn about-

In-flight training,

Grooming session and personality development,

Hotels and airport visit,

Communication skills, basic technology skills,

Fundamentals of hospitality,



But firstly, before taking admission to any aviation training institute you should always know the course structure, certifications, faculties, and most importantly the placement story of the institute. There are many benefits and the necessity to join a training institute, especially in the airline industry is crucial. If you are looking for an air hostess training institute or cabin crew training institute in Kolkata, then join Aptech gariahat. They give placement assistance after the end of the training.


Eligibility –

Educational background –


To become a successful air hostess you have to meet certain qualifications. For the top institutes, the admission process will go on by entrance examination or merit basis and the interview round. For that, students must secure at least 50% aggregate in their higher secondary results. The student must be a citizen of india and the age should be between 18-24.

The minimum height of a student should be 5 feet 2 inch. Students have to pass and hold a rank in aiaee, nchmct jee (for some institutes and universities). If you complete a diploma in cabin crew or hospitality course after the 12th, then you must be more preferable.


Physical fitness eligibility –

The minimum height of the candidate should be 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 4 inches. The candidate’s body weight should be in proportion to their height. There should not be any visible marks, tattoos, or body piercings. The candidate should be able to carry beverage or meal carts and lift emergency window exits and open emergency doors. No mental illness record should have.


Medical fitness eligibility –


 For medical fitness, during the interview process, a vision test is mandatory to check that the candidate’s far and near vision is at least 20/40 with glasses or contact lenses. Apart from that, a hearing test will be done. 

No loss on audiometry in better ear greater than 40 db when losses at 500 or 100 or 2000 Hz are averaged. The candidate must pass dot fingerprinting and drug screening test.


After passing the above tests, you have to pass the interview round. After that, you can get a job in the airline industry. For that reason, we can understand the necessity to join a training institute.


Roles and responsibilities of an air hostess-


The aviation job is a noble job but takes a lot of patience. Every day interacts with all sorts of people on every flight, and still, take care of each with a positive attitude. It’s a high-paid job with a lot of other benefits like free travel for yourself and discounted rates for the family and a chance to travel around the world and explore new cultures and traditions.

 As an air hostess



  • The key responsibilities of a professional air hostess include conducting pre and post-flight checks, assisting passengers in deplaning, ensure the comfort and safety of passengers during flight. 


  • They have to perform and check the pre-flight tasks and to check all the safety measures are available, the cleanliness and tidiness of the aircraft are on point, seat pockets have the required information and are current, and last but not least the food and the stock is all available on the aircraft.


  • Before taking off the flight, there always takes place a pre-flight meeting, where every member is granted their positions of work as to what are the details of the flight, requirements of the passengers and details of the passengers with medical requirements, and the number of minor passengers on board.


  • They have to give comfort to the passengers. If anyone gets into any trouble, then they have to solve it immediately. At the end of the flight, safely and they have to thank every passenger to land on the ground is very important.


  • They have to ensure that every passenger’s hand luggage is safe and secure at a storied. They need to make sure to check the seat belts of all the passengers when the aircraft is ready to take off.


  • Individuals are required to have skills in problem-solving, organizing skills, communication skills & grooming skills. They need to know how to give medical aid to passengers during a flight. As a hostess, you need to organize multiple tasks at one time. After completing the training of air hostess from the best air hostess institute, you can get hired by various companies and multinational airlines as an air hostess, ground staff, cabin crew, or flight attendant.


Summary –


In this article, we have discussed the necessity to join a training institute. The aviation training institutes are very experienced in this field, so they can guide you very well in how can we achieve this career in the aviation field. But if you are capable enough of having that type of professional qualities and you know much about the airline’s industries, then it is your choice whether you have to join the institute or not. But it’s always essential to join an aviation institute. The choice is yours! Best of luck.

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