Discover the Best Java Courses in Kolkata with Aptech Gariahat’s Professional Training

The Smart Pro Java classes in Aptech will help you learn how to develop solutions for desktop PCs, servers, mobile phones, and embedded devices in this course. As a web developer working with Java technology, you’ll be able to create any kind of website, from small, static personal sites to huge, dynamic commercial sites. As you gain expertise in professional abilities for Java platform development, this course also gets you ready for an international Java certification. With Java Courses in Kolkata, you can develop your programming skills.

You will learn how to create solutions for desktop PCs, servers, mobile phones, and embedded devices in this course with the aid of the Smart Pro Java classes in Aptech.  This course also prepares you for an international Java certification as you gain practical skills in Java platform development.

Develop your programming abilities with Java courses in Kolkata. besides their java course, there have an extensive range of career, professional, short-term, and certification courses which are available to meet the educational and professional needs of students, working professionals, and others. with Aptech  –

  • Students who complete their studies successfully commonly find work through campus placement programmes, job fairs, and other events.


  • By assisting students in becoming more employable by preparing them for job interviews, seminars, conferences, and other initiatives that promote student involvement in industry aid students.


  • Aptech has been recognised as one of the top computer training institutions in Kolkata and throughout India because it provides each student with up-to-date study materials, qualified lecturers, and a first-rate internship programme.

Aptech’s Smart Pro Java trains you in:

  • HTML5, CSS, and Javascript
  • UI/UX for Responsive Design
  • AngularJS
  • Data Management (SQL Server)
  • Java Programming – I
  • Java Programming – II
  • Web Component Development
  • Integrating Applications with Spring Framework
  • Project-Java Web Application Development

Course covers –

  • RDBMS and Data Management
  • XML Simplified
  • Java Programming
  • Distributed Computing in Java
  • Working with Database and Security in Java


Course duration –

Smart Pro Java is a 10-month* course. Classes are typically held 2 hours a day/ 3 days a week.

Eligibility –

any undergraduate, post graduate and engineers are eligible for this course.

Fee Range –

The admission fees start from Rs. 17100 – 23400/-

Career prospects –

After successfully completing Aptech’s Smart Pro – Java courses in kolkata, you will be qualified to work for leading national and worldwide IT businesses in the following capacities:

  • Java Developer for Web Applications

Things You can get when enrolled in Aptech’s computer Courses in Kolkata –

The Broad Range of Career Options –

IT skills are needed for a variety of careers you might not have considered, though, because the majority of organisations nowadays use computers. IT is not only the most sought-after skill among employers, but also one of the few practical abilities that can be applied to many other businesses. Data analysis, web development, and software engineering are a few of the more obvious IT-related careers that are well-paying and in high demand.

Every anyone who uses a computer at work has to be computer literate, from medical front desk staff who use online appointment scheduling software to project managers in retail businesses who routinely use spreadsheets to keep track of projects.


In hand experience –

Training sessions that include hands-on practise – Unlike many other courses, programming course like java is predominantly a hands-on topic. While in the classroom, you frequently get hands-on experience rather than writing content or learning about topics. Many courses might offer specialised practical sessions, like placement options, but Aptech Learning, one of the best IT and progarmming Training Institute In Kolkata, makes all of the practical learning accessible to you . With the emergence of mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets, you may practise what you’ve learned whenever you choose and evaluate your skills while you’re on the go.

Latest study material –

The teachers do significant market research and stay current with new developments before creating Aptech’s course of study. With the help of partnerships with Aptech Computer Education, tech behemoths like Red Hat and Oracle are able to provide courses that are well-known internationally. By increasing your computer literacy and upskilling, you may greatly boost your employability with the help of Aptech, the top computer training centre in Kolkata. You should take advantage of this opportunity to fill roles you might not have previously considered.

Conclusion –

However, since the majority of businesses nowadays use computers, programming abilities are required for a variety of occupations you may not have thought about. Computer literacy is a must for anybody who uses a computer at work, from medical front desk personnel who use online appointment scheduling software to project managers in retail organisations who frequently use spreadsheets to keep track of projects. 

Java courses in Kolkata is still continuing strong despite facing multiple threats to its hegemony and suffering significant changes in the software development landscape. The job opportunities of java professionals are endless!

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