Hospitality mangment course in kolkata

The Next Big Thing in Aspects of Hospitality and Management

The Next Big Thing in Aspects of Hospitality management courses in Kolkata

There are various institutes and colleges available which provide Hospitality management courses in Kolkata. The hospitality and management sector covers a wide range of businesses, from hotels and other forms of lodging to eateries, bars, travel agencies, and tour operators. In order to adapt to shifting consumer behavior brought on by the corona outbreak, the industry must adopt the newest innovations in hospitality. Nonetheless, the majority of trends developed as a result of broader shifts in consumer behaviour. The hospitality and management system are huge sector. Because the hospitality sector is so competitive, businesses and companies must stay on top of emerging trends to stay ahead of the competition. Also, being current with the market is a smart method to guarantee that your company provides the kind of customer service that customers want and expect. Yet, COVID has also transformed the expectations and objectives of the consumer base.

In this article, We will talk about the next big moves and general trends in hospitality management in 2023.

Why Is It Essential to Stay up-to-date in the hospitality sector ?

The most prosperous hospitality businesses are those that are always growing, but if you want to do the same, you must constantly stay on top of the current trends in hospitality. To use the newest technologies and react to global events, this includes marketing initiatives and hospitality procedures.

Keeping up with current marketing trends will provide you the best chance to connect with your target audience and get your point across. A firm may become more efficient by adopting new technology, and in certain situations, it can also serve to enhance the entire customer experience.

What Are the Greatest Technology-Related Developments in Hospitality and Management?

The usage of technology is linked to several of the most important developments in hospitality that must be followed. The ever-increasing usage of voice control, the expansion of contactless and mobile payment options, the employment of robots, and the ongoing development of artificial intelligence are some of the biggest developments in this field.

Top institutes that provide Hospitality management courses in Kolkata-

There are various institutes and colleges available which provide Hospitality management courses in Kolkata. here are top 5 institutes –

  • Aptech Gariahat
  • JB institute of hospitality management
  • NSHM Knowledge campus
  • NIPS hotel management
  • Guru Nanak institute of hotel management

Here are the top 5 hospitality and management trends we will see –

Sustainability –

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important as we deal with more environmental problems every day. As a result, a sizable portion of the hotel sector engages in Go Green activities to decrease its negative environmental effect. Customers care more about environmental concerns than ever before, and they want to know that the companies they do business with are doing ethically. This is why an increasing number of hospitality companies are highlighting their eco-friendliness, making sustainability one of the most obvious trends in the industry recently. Throughout the last ten years, hoteliers implemented sustainable techniques on their grounds. This improved the guest experience, had a big impact on the environment, and increased income. Environmental innovations are constantly being developed to lower costs and boost effectiveness for hotels. This was advantageous for both the environment and companies. It draws and draws more hotel visitors. Also, consumers are more inclined to pay extra for goods and services from businesses that practise sustainability.

Voice search by using AI –

Voice search is changing the reservation procedure in the hotel sector. Customers may now plan their vacations and do their research on their smartphones and tablets. You may enhance conversions by adding voice search functionality to your website, which will link you with more qualified prospects. The model is built on conversational language, even if many think that this AI is still in its infancy. Using information from prior inquiries, it seeks to comprehend the purpose and context. Moreover, it aspires to perfection in pondering many actions and inquiries, with an increased emphasis on transactions, tasks, and activities.

Contactless payment –

Contactless payments are one of the best instances of this because many of the largest trends in hospitality are focused on lowering friction. When contactless payments are accepted, customers don’t have to spend time counting bills or entering their PIN. The introduction of services like Apple Pay and Google Pay also eliminates the requirement to even carry a wallet.

The coronavirus pandemic has boosted interest in contactless payments in addition to minimising friction and enhancing the customer experience. The availability of contactless payments may be viewed by many as a need rather than a luxury because many consumers and employees dislike using cash.

Virtual reality tour guide –

Virtual reality is one of the most exciting advancements in hospitality technology because it allows prospective hotel or restaurant diners to experience their surroundings from the comfort of their own home. This is sometimes necessary to get them over the planning stage and into actually committing to a visit. Some clients may benefit from virtual tours or 360-degree movies to have a better understanding of the amenities offered. Because current VR tours are web-based, they should be simple to access on many devices, even without a VR headset, giving you a distinct advantage over any competitors who aren’t yet leveraging this specific hospitality trend.

Personalization –

The requirement for personalization is a key trend in virtually all businesses, and the hotel sector is no exception .Personalization may be used in many different contexts. For example, utilising GPS technology and reservation information, hotels may automatically provide returning guests the same amenities that they had the last time they were there. The development of big data is the main force behind this. A rising proportion of hotel visitors like to be acknowledged as unique people rather than just another faceless clientele. By providing this method, customers can also be individually greeted by a member of staff when they arrive. In addition, with the proliferation of smart devices, hotel guests may now utilise their own gadgets and accounts on entertainment websites.

guide to become a ground staff

Guide to become a ground staff | Aptech Aviation Gariahat Best aviation training institute in Kolkata

Because the Indian aviation industry is expected to be the third largest in the world by 2024, a career in ground staff in the airline sector can be a wonderful option in the future. The employees stationed at various airport locations as ground staff care for the requirements of travelers both before and after flights. They are in charge of responding to many questions from guests about flights, making bookings, checking bags, etc. Candidates must enroll in a variety of aviation management courses at the diploma, undergraduate, and graduate levels in order to pursue a career as ground personnel. To get admitted to the best aviation institutes in Kolkata, applicants must have completed their 12th class or the equivalent. Let’s dive deep into the Guide to become a ground staff.

Eligibility to become a ground staff

  • Students who are going to build a career in ground staff must have cleared the 12th examination with a minimum of 50 % marks from any recognized board.
  • There may be entrance examinations and group discussion sessions in certain institutes. It is dependent on several institutions.
  • A diploma in airport ground staff training could be a plus point.
  • Students who have studied post-graduate programs in airport ground staff training are also welcome.

Age limit

The required age range for applicants seeking employment as airport ground staff is 18 to 27 years old.

Steps and Guide to become a ground staff

Step 1

candidate must have passed the higher secondary examination in any stream. In some institutes, Admission is based on passing the prior qualifying test, which is the 12th grade in any stream.

Step 2

After completing the 12th  examination in any discipline, applicants can pursue a Post Graduate Diploma in a relevant profession, such as Post Graduate Diploma in Airport Ground Staff Training, to increase their chances of getting a job in this sector.

Step 3

The aspirant might apply for jobs with various local or foreign airlines or the Indian Airport Authority after obtaining the necessary qualifications to work as airport ground staff.

Here are some top 4 institutes in Kolkata that offer ground staff course

  • Aptech aviation
  • Camellia Institute of aviation
  • Frankfinn institute of air hostess
  • JT airways


Candidate should have

Problem-solving skills- The most important qualities required for airport ground staff are diplomatic abilities, the flexibility of attitude, great communication, and organizational skills because they spend a lot of time interacting with passengers. Airport ground staff must be able to handle situations in all circumstances.

Communication skills in English – An airport ground staff member’s ability to communicate in English is a plus since she constantly have to interact with people from different cultures who speak various languages.

Organization skills – candidates should handle different situations at the same time. Hence they should have strong organizational skills.

Teamwork – When it comes to increasing organizational effectiveness, teamwork is one of the most crucial strategies. Although everyone may agree that collaboration is crucial, not everyone is aware of its importance in the workplace. Sometimes problems come from nowhere and you have to work as a team to solve the problem as fast as possible.

Multitasking – all the ground staff members should possess multitasking abilities. You need to handle multiple tasks at the same time. That’s why it is important to have a strong multitasking ability.

Soft skills – The airport’s ground staff, who work in shifts, are important to everyday operations. They are in charge of handling passenger questions, cleaning the cabin, providing cuisine, selling tickets, and organizing, overseeing, and managing flight operations.

Technical skills – sometimes You might need to conduct some numerical tasks as part of your profession. This can entail counting the number of passengers or controlling financial transactions if passengers make purchases during the journey. You might also need to be familiar with how to estimate currency conversions using exchange rates.

Interpersonal abilities – Airport ground staff must be patient and friendly, with the capacity to deal with individuals and their belongings under pressure. As they are in charge of all the passenger’s needs after they have landed, airport ground staff must be in good physical and mental health as well as have the endurance and stamina to work long and unpredictable hours.

Responsibility – The candidate should have some experience in customer service while looking for a prominent career in ground staff.

Roles and responsibilities

In the airport

  • They provide the comfort and safety of an airplane’s passengers. This involves helping travelers with luggage check-in, giving them information on safety, verifying their bookings, and selling tickets.
  • Organizing wheelchairs or other forms of transportation for passengers who are disabled or have mobility issues to the departure gate also falls under your purview as ground crew.   The ground staff may also help with check-in, boarding, and release of the child to a parent or other authorized person once the aircraft has landed.
  • To give every passenger comfort during the flight, ground staffs restock all the necessary items for the journey before passengers board the aircraft.
  • They are responsible for in-baggage checking and making sure that the cabin baggage is eligible to size, weight, and content.

Outside the airport

  • handling the loading and unloading of all passenger baggage from the aircraft and delivering it to the traveller.
  • helping to advise and appropriately guide travellers when they arrive at the airport.
  • directing the planes that are landing at the taxi places.
  • offering passenger services at the arrival area. Like, a few steps from the airplane for staff and passengers to depart.

Summary – In this article, we he discussed step-by-by guide to become a ground staff in India.  A certified airport ground staff has several work options in both the public and private sectors. The career options are endless in this sector. One can work in many positions in ground staffing for indigo, Air India, the AirPort authority of India, or any of the major private participants in the market, including Jet Airlines and Go Air.

Opportunities for Hospitality management students

Opportunities for Hospitality management students in 2023

The Indian hospitality sector is diverse and developing right now. The management of many departments in hotels, resorts, and medical facilities is known as hospitality management. They frequently focus primarily on offering services to guests, providing meals, giving information, and organizing events. To ensure that their department runs smoothly and provides memorable experiences to its visitors, higher-level managers and staff are in charge of administrative duties, training, and scheduling. Students who study hospitality management can find employment in the medical and aviation industries in addition to the hotel industry. There are many Opportunities for Hospitality management students in 2023.

Let us discuss this here

Fundamental skills candidates have to acquire

  • Multitask ability- You must be able to multitask. Politeness, a willingness to assist the client, and a desire to offer the finest service possible are always appreciated. As you strive to fix their problem, pay attention to their problem.


  • Communication skills -Every student has to have good communication abilities. It is their responsibility to interact with each and every customer, to make sure they are safe and comfortable, to lead them, and to listen to their issues in order to find solutions.


  • Problem-solving skill- The primary responsibilities you must play in this industry are those that involve problem-solving. If you are committed to the hotel management industry, you must be able to address a variety of customer issues. He or she must be able to provide first aid in an emergency. Sometimes problems come from nowhere; in that case, these situations can be solved by the ability to foresee problems before they arise. By pursuing the hospitality management course, you need to be aware of your work environment.  Some of the Best hospitality management institutes and colleges provide such skills during the tenure of the course through an internship which provides on-field training to the candidates.


  • Teamwork – A successful hotel or restaurant is operated by a strong team. A hotel is run by a variety of staff, including the kitchen, room service, front office executive, etc. You should be able to collaborate and recognize one another’s accomplishments as a team member. Working well in a team might occasionally result in a promotion.


 Opportunities for hospitality management students

Hospitality management is a demanding yet rewarding field. There are many Opportunities for Hospitality management students However, not everyone is successful in this industry. You must possess a strong personality and good communication abilities. The hotel management industry has employment options for many different sorts of workers. As an illustration, consider hotel companies, fast food restaurants, event sites, airports, and the public sector. The remuneration as a new employee might be lower. It rises in accordance with the knowledge and abilities of the student. The salary range is influenced by the region, target market, and other factors. By studying hospitality management, you can fill a variety of positions. You can get a job as a


Travel and tourism management

Jobs in this field include travel agents, sales management, and tour manager. The major responsibility of a candidate includes trip reservations, looking after guest services and entertainment, managing personnel, creating budgets, as well as sales and marketing. Your position as a manager of travel and tourism may involve some travel for the purpose of managing and researching potential destinations.


Event planner

 Large events including conventions, weddings, trade exhibitions, and more are planned and organized through conference and banquet management. To make sure that all needs are met, event planners interact with customers. They also attend the event to ensure that all visitors are satisfied, coordinating food services, transportation, and lodging accommodations.


Front Office

 as a hospitality student, you can get a job as a front office manager in the hospital and hotel industries. The salary range is pretty much decent. As front office staff, you have to take responsibility For billing, guiding clients, and giving information.


Public relation manager

For hotel management graduates looking for dynamic, significant participation that allows them to build an extensive network of connections, public relations is the ideal career path. Public relations may serve as a staging point for those with the greatest creativity in the field of advertising. In this job, you have to deal with people day to day. You must have strong communication skills in English. Apart from that, you need to have strong writing skills which are needed for blogs, social media, newspapers, and magazines. They are responsible for making sure that all corporate communications reflect the image of the company.


Apart from these, you can get jobs in the human resource field, customer service, marketing, sales, finance, and many more sector. The best thing about studying hospitality management is, that hospitality management prepares you for a successful career with the ability to grow into a number of higher-level positions. The Opportunities for Hospitality management students are huge and the diversity of the hospitality industry means you will never be limited in your job search or job sector.


Why a career in travel & tourism is the right choice for you in 2023? Career in travel and tourism in 2023 | Best Aviation institute in Kolkata

In recent days, tourism is one of the major revenue generation factors in any country. Travel and tourism are part of the hospitality industry. But due to covid 19 outbreak, this industry was affected. As a result, it declines economic growth. But hopefully, in the upcoming years, the travel and tourism industry is expected to grow significantly. In this article, we are going to discuss why a CAREER IN TRAVEL & TOURISM in 2023
 is the right choice for you.


Travel and tourism course-

In India, the travel and tourism industry is growing rapidly. The Indian government is giving importance to the tourism sector. There is different kinds of plans have been developed by the Indian government. This industry is one of the largest and most profitable industries which serves significantly to the foreign exchange earned. Students who are going to pursue their careers in this industry can get endless opportunities at the end of their careers. That’s why a CAREER IN TRAVEL & TOURISM in 2023
  is the right choice for you. With the increase in the size of this sector, this sector is going to need an increased number of qualified and trained travel and tourism professionals. As a student, they can pursue their degree in diploma n travel and tourism, bachelor’s degree, or post-graduation degree in travel and tourism. If you want to build a career in the travel and tourism sector then this article will help you.


Let’s discuss the course, skills, eligibility, and roles of travel and tourism –

Skills –

Travel and tourism are all about serving your customers with different information related to travel. Professionals working in this industry of travel and tourism are concerned with giving quality services to people who are away from home on a holiday. They keep their people up to date about travel and the latest news as well.


  • Communication skills – to build your career in travel & tourism in 2023 ,having excellent communication skills are must. As a travel agent, you have to face a different kinds of people all around the world. You need to solve their queries, guide them properly, and communicate with them smoothly. So a candidate with good spoken English gets the chance faster in this industry.


  • Commitment – you need to acquire commitment toward your work. Traveling should be your passion and the people whom you will guide as a tourist agent, must know every piece of information related to the place.


  • Well-groomed – grooming is an exceptionally essential part of the hospitality industry travel and tourism are a part of hospitality. How you look, how you dress, and how you talk- represent yourself and the company you work for. 



  • Hardworking and strong leadership skills – as this sector is focused on delivering a great service to customers who are away from their homes, so that’s why you need to be hardworking. you have to guide them during their journey. You have to stay up to date with the latest trends as well as global socioeconomic trends.




To pursue the career in travel & tourism in 2023 , there are many colleges and institutes available in Kolkata and all over India. They provide diploma, graduate, or postgraduate courses offline and online. It may be noted that the eligibility criteria might vary from college to college.

  • As a student, you should clear the higher secondary examination with at least 50-60% marks aggregate from a recognized board. 
  • For the diploma course, the candidate should pass the higher secondary examination with all over 50 % marks.
  • For the postgraduate course, students must acquire 50% marks in graduation. Candidates must have English as their 1st or 2nd language.
  • for the certificate course, candidates should clear class 12 from a recognized university with at least 45-50% marks.
  • Some institutes provide distance learning. Candidates should know that all the diploma, graduate, or post graduate courses in travel and tourism are offered for all degrees in online degrees.




Roles –

  1. You need to create budget-friendly travel packages for clients. Recording travel activities to ensure they comply with the company travel policy.
  2. Guiding employees on travel documents, insurance, and travel laws.


  1. To become a successful travel agent, you should have a strong hands-on working knowledge of travel management processes and attention to detail. In the end, a highly trained travel manager is skilled at maintaining positive relationships with airlines and hotels and at providing a smooth travel experience. You have to promote tourism in their region through different advertising strategies and campaigns. The tourist agent also offers assistance to tourists of different cultures and traditions.


  1. as a travel agent, they have to book hotels, resorts, and restaurants as per customers’ preferences. They have to keep in mind that the cost should fit into the customer’s budget. As a travel agent, you have to manage different aspects of travel including transportation, flight booking, hotel accommodation, etc.
  2. They have to verify the customer’s passport. As an agent, they have to complete necessary documentation works like passports or visas for traveling outside the country.
  3. Sometimes, they have to handle customer queries and complaints. They have to solve them as soon as possible.
  4. They have to get new customer leads by giving budget-friendly or affordable travel plans to tourists.
  5. As a travel agent, they have to make recommendations for various tour packages, etc.


Job profile-


As a part of the travel and tourism industry, you can get a job in various sectors. Such as the airline sector, hotel, and hospitality, food and catering, logistics and transportation, marketing industry, event management, adventure, sports, hotel management, etc. 

The salary range as a travel agent starts from 3 lakhs onward.



Top recruiter companies –


Here are some of the best companies who wish to kick start their career in the travel and tourism industry


SOTC Travel limited

Make my trip

Mahindra holidays

Swan tours


Jet Airways


Ease my trip

Travix leisure and travels pvt. ltd.

East India travel co. , etc.

Hospitality Management Course in 2022

Advantages of Hospitality Management Course in 2022

Hospitality management is a versatile and currently growing sector in India. Hospitality management is the oversight of the different department in hotels, resorts and hospitals. They are often specializing mainly in guest services, food services, information and event planning. The higher-level managers and employees are in charge of administrative tasks, training, and scheduling to make sure their department is running perfectly and provides experiences for their guests. By studying hospitality management students will not only get jobs in hotel sector, they will get jobs in hospital sector and aviation sector as well. There are multiple advantages of the Hospitality Management Course in 2022, which we will discuss in this article.


Hospitality management career path –

This sector is challenging yet rewarding career. But not everyone get success in this sector. You need to have a strong personality and excellent communication skills. Several types of employees offer career opportunities in hospitality management. For example- hotel chains, fast food chains, event venues, airport, and public sector as well. As a fresher the salary might be less. It gets higher according to student’s experience and skills. The salary range depends upon the location, market of choice and the other factors. You can get various job roles by studying Hospitality Management Course in 2022. The possibilities are endless. By studying hospitality management, students can get a job in-

Public relation managers

Human resource

Front office

Customer service

Marketing or sales


Finance and accounting, and many more..



Here are some advantages of pursuing hospitality management course in 2022 –

It is the line of career without limits –

The Hospitality management prepares you for the successful career with the ability to grow into a number of higher level position. The diversity of the hospitality industry means you will never be limited in your job search or job sector. In the hospitality management you have to have the desire to run the management whether it is exotic hotels or fancy casino; the choice is yours.  Apart from that, after studying hospitality management, students can take roles in various sector like event management, airport, resorts, hotels, etc. By studying hospitality management, you will open up a world of opportunities.


You can explore the world –

 Studying hospitality management, you can get a chance to visit different countries.  It gives you the opportunity to see the world. Airport? Or a restaurant in an exotic city? Sounds great right! The hospitality management degree is a very prestigious degree and it can take you to your dream place. After completing BBA in hospitality, students have to complete the internship period. During this period student have to learn the rules and work ethics.

Within the next few years, the international tourist’s number will increase. That means the hospitality profession will be in high demand.


Being a part of an excellent and incredibly exciting industry –

Hospitality sector is a huge sector. More than 80 million new jobs are set to create over the next 10 years. This sector is dynamic a devolving continuously.  By the end of 2026, one in nine jobs will be in the travel and tourism and hospitality sector. There is so many benefits joining in the hospitality industry. What makes this industry so exciting is the way digital technology is transforming how we choose, buy – then share – our travel and hospitality experiences. If you want to play your part in this industry evolution you can do so with a Glion undergraduate or graduate degree.


You will learn various skills –

Some certain skills you need to learn. Skills like leadership, organization skills and teamwork should be must for every student. To be successful in this sector, you need to have a mixture of soft and hard skills. It’s why soft skills in particular are so in demand among recruiters. A manager has to lead rather than follow, but they also have to listen. Plus, they have to show flexibility, as well as an ability to work in multiple departments. Students need to have strong communication skills. They have to communicate with each and every passenger to guide them during their journey, ensure their safety and guide them during the journey from the hotel or in the airplane and listen to their problems to solve them. Sometimes problems come from nowhere; for that case, these situations can be solved by the ability of foresee problems before they arises.  By pursuing the hospitality management course, you need to aware of your work environment.  Some of the Best hospitality management institutes and colleges provide such skills during the tenure of the course through internship which provides on field training to the candidates. As a hotel manager, you have to manage the daily operations of a hotel, handle the finance and account section, and maintain its high standards. Studying the Hospitality management also means you’ll get to meet and work with people from many different cultures and nationalities, giving you incredible cultural insights that will serve you well in our increasingly globalized world.


Having a strong character and connection is a crucial part of hospitality management. We have discussed some advantages of studying hospitality management. By studying this you will join an elite , worldwide alumni network.



Must have skills in Hospitality Management Course in 2022  –


  • Problem solving skills-

The problem solving is the key roles you need to follow in this sector. If you have a dedication in hotel management sector, then you have to have the ability to solve different problems of passengers. He/she must know how to give medical support during emergencies.


  • Teamwork-

A successful restaurant or hotel runs by a good teamwork. Running a hotel has many teams, starting from kitchen to room service, front office executive, etc. As a team member, you should be able to work together and praise each other’s work. Sometimes the good team work can lead you to the promotion.

  • Multitasking-

You must have The Polite attitude and the mindset to help the customer and the intent to provide the best of the service possible is always welcome. Listen to their problem and try to solve their problem.

  • Communication skills –

Good communication skills are must for every student. It is their duty to communicate with each and every customer, ensure their comfort and safety and guide them and listen to their problems in order to solve them.


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